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I'm crossposting from Dreamwidth again.

I'm also looking for another technical writing assignment again. I completed the one I posted about earlier this year. It ran for eight weeks. It was at a tech start-up and it reminded me of how screwy and ridiculous tech start-ups were. I worked at two of them, and they were just as goofy. At this latest one, I also had the dubious pleasure of working with one of the biggest jerkasses I have ever met in my life.

He was a "senior VP" at the company. That's far less impressive than it sounds. Since this was a start-up, they had a grand total of about 30 people working there, and the group he was VP of had about 10 people, all of whom had very little work experience. This didn't stop his inflated title from inflating his ego.

Anyway, I completed the project and got paid so I'm on the hunt for my next assignment.

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